I’m Back! Sort of…

College, what can I say? It’s pretty time consuming. But if you guys stick with me, I’m approaching a pretty nice time off. 

I’ve only got a few replies left, I think, and the short chats that I have with pinkeyesandcherrypie and captainsr

Anastasia/Lost Princess AUs though. 


peacock <3

the second gif in your folder is your muse trying to flirt








October is Breast Cancer Awareness month!

Go out and wear pink, donate, and love your tata’s just as much as Lottie loves hers!

  • To donate to the America Cancer Society (x)
  • National Breast Cancer Foundation (x)
  • Wear it Pink 2014 (x)

Not my origianl gifs, just my edits done

I’m afraid of moving on without you

Because if I do, then it really means
                             you are no longer here.

                            You’re not coming back


                                                                                                         You are gone. 

How long has it been since I did this? Okay, um, like for a starter while I go collect a few small drafts. 

Mutuals only. 

Anons! Come and pester my character!