Shang and Mulan named their first daughter Ming, for anyone who wanted to know. 

MING   明, 铭   m & f   Chinese
From Chinese  ”shining, bright, clear” or  ”engrave”.

Tiana and Naveen totally named their first daughter Evangeline and none of you will tell me otherwise. 


Behind this soft exterior, lies a warrior. (x)

okay so i had to share this



Name: Evageline Giordano 

Age: 16

Hobbies: Dancing with her dad, partying with friends, eating her mom’s cooking

Likes: Mom’s food, Dad’s music, dancing in the street with the street musicians, generally driving Granny and Grandmama up the wall with her flirtatious ways, hearing stories about her Papa (Tiana’s dad). Mardi Gras. Reading the newspaper. 

Dislikes: Orange, slow music, Dad’s cooking, going to Maldonia, her dad’s ex-girlfriends. Aunt Lottie’s pink obsession. 

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everybody wants a piece of that booty lbr


you’re going to tempt me to make another post. Don’t do that.

But yes. Yes they do.  

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speakshxrmind: Strike!


x. [punch in the face]

                                              ANGER. so much a n g e r courses
                                              through tia that she— she JUST MAY 
                                              burst. what happened to friendship, 
                                              what happened to trust, what happened
                                              to human DECENCY? suddenly the 
                                              anger— pure && simple; ANGER, that
                                              is the feeling f l o o d i n g tia’s mind —
                                              culminates in tia’s FIST, strong from
                                              years of stirring && chopping && work.
                                              she reels back———— knuckle collides
                                              with cheek && utter R E L I E F thunders
                                              into tia’s chest. god, this feels good,
                                              feels right. tia is justifiably ANGRY; 
                                              mulan should have k n o w n that what
                                              she did was wrong, wrongwrongwrong, 
                                              && she still did it, && while tia does not
                                              often resort to physical force, this time she
                                              finds it N    E    C    E    S    S    A    R    Y. 
                                              ANGER. so much a n g e r courses through

imitation is not & will never be cute. (◡‿◡✿)